Module 4 - Spreadsheets

PART 1 - Desktop Spreadsheets

Learn the basic functionality of spreadsheets and how they can be a powerful addition to any class in any subject area - not just math or science. This session includes basic use of formulas and graphing.

Welcome Activity

Overview of Spreadsheets

  • Spreadsheets
  • Menus: File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, and More...
  • Toolbars: Standard, Formating, Drawing, and More... (Including Formula Bar)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts



  • Spreadsheets for Younger Students - A Google Search for: spreadsheets elementary students
  • More Useful Formulas for Educators, Including:
    • IF (for conditional formulas... or self grading quizes... nested IF formulas can even be used for giving letter grades - or feedback)
    • COUNTIF (to find the number of times certain data, such as student responses, appear)
    • VLOOKUP (to combine two lists of data - like reading level & test scores that don't have the exact same list of students)
    • SUMPRODUCT (for weighted averages)

Discussion: Spreadsheets in Education

Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques or Q & A (Time Permitting)

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

PART 2 - Online Spreadsheets

Extend your use of spreadsheets online. Collect data through an online form. Collaborate with students or colleagues to analyze and represent the data. Then publish your results online. This session shows you how.

Welcome Activity

Overview of Online Spreadsheets and Google Docs

Activity: Collaborative Spreadsheet - "Participant Profiles"

Interactive Demonstration: Collecting Data Via Forms with Google Docs

  • One group will volunteer and the instructor will create a form using their spreadsheet.
  • All other participants will enter data into the form.
  • Demo Form Link Here!
  • Demo Graph Link Here!
  • Another Example (with an Embedded Form!):

Discussion: Online Spreadsheets in Education

Advanced Google Docs Techniques (Time Permitting)

Proof-of-Concept Project

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

Additional Resources

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