Portfolios: Proof-of-Concept Projects

Proof-of-Concept Projects

For each module, each participant will create a proof-of-concept project that demonstrates their mastery of the skills introduced in that module. Each proof-of-concept project must meet these requirements:
  1. The project uses a tool or topic introduced in that module.
  2. The project addresses a curricular standard or other professional purpose.
  3. The project incorporates elements of best practices (if it is a lesson or curricular project):
  4. The final product is something the teacher would use or that a student would create.
  5. The final product can be posted online as an example for others in the district.

The Complete Portfolio

Each participants' final online portfolio will thus include four proof-of-concept projects - one for each module of certification:
  1. Module 1 - Internet and Email - These projects might address one of the following topics:
    • An Information Literacy Lesson
    • An Online Copyright Lesson
    • A Cyber Safety Lesson
    • A Search Techniques Lesson
  2. Module 2 - Word Processing - These projects will be actual documents that a teacher would use or a student would make.
  3. Module 3 - Presentations - These projects will be actual slideshows that a teacher would use or a student would make.
  4. Module 4 - Spreadsheets - These examples will be actual workbooks that a teacher would use or a student would make.
  5. Module 5 - Blogs and The Read/Write Web - The first four projects can appear on the participants' blogs, which can serve as demonstration of mastery of module 5. If this is the case, then the blog URL should be entered into the final certification form below at the end of the workshop series.

Recommended Lesson Plan Template

Each project should be accompanied by a text file or post including the following information.

Grade Level:

Standards Addressed:
CLAD Strategies:
Overt Student Responses:
Writing Across The Curriculum:
Positive Reinforcement:
Data-Driven Inquiry and/or Decision Making:

Technology Skills Addressed:
Technology/Equipment/Supplies Needed:

Resources/Materials Needed:
Preparation (Detailed Step By Step):
Process (Detailed Step By Step):

Assessment (Including a Rubric if Applicable):

Collaboration (w/tech leads, IT, or other staff):
Other Notes:

Final Portfolio Blog

LBUSD Certification Blog - Participants post their "proof-of-concept" projects here in order to share their projects online.

Final Certification Form

LBUSD Certification Form: Basic - Participants complete this form after completing their training, their portfolio, and their "test out" demonstration.