Multi-Media Certification - Day 4: Projects and Sharing

Welcome Activity

Final Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Complete as much as you can over the weekend.
  • Then you will have this time available with the support of the instructor and your colleagues.


Final Proof-of-Concept Projects (Continued)

  • The is the final 90 minutes dedicated to finishing and sharing your project.
  • If you finish, please do one of the following:
    • Extend your project by using additional tools covered in days 1, 2, or 3.
    • "Play" with additional tools, even if they're not related to your project.
    • Help your colleagues complete their projects.


Sharing: Final Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • Each of you will have approximately 5 minutes to share your project on the projector.
  • Plan on presenting the following:
    • The curricular standards your project addresses.
    • How you created the project. Include how you incorporated images, audio, and/or video. You might also include a particular frustration that you overcame.
    • Your project itself. Due to time constraints we may need to watch or listen to only part of the project.
  • Make your presentation as engaging as possible - and help your colleagues learn from your experience.


Sharing: Final Proof-of-Concept Projects (Continued)

  • There should be plenty of time for everyone to share.

Cool Tools (Time Permitting)
  • We will grow this list throughout the week as things come up.
  • Some possible items for the list:
    • - Steam your lessons or student presenations live on the interenet - complete with text chat for viewers!
    • iPhone in Education
    • Video Games in Education
  • I'll add to it over the weekend if need be, too.

Certification and CUE Membership

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

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