Multi-Media Certification - Day 2: Audio and Podcasting

Welcome Activity

iTunes in Education

Activity (Time Permitting):

  • Decide on a focus topic (that you are likely to teach this coming year).
  • Locate relevant audio online - or on CD. (See "Links to Music and Sound Effects" on the Audacity page.)
  • Import the audio into iTunes.
  • Organize the audio into playlists (in a way that might be useful to you or your students).
  • Edit the meta data to improve the searchability of the audio - or to add supplemental material.
  • Share your playlist with a colleague.


Audacity in Education

Activity (Time Permitting):
  • Decide on a focus topic that you are likely to teach this coming year. (This can be the same topic you chose above... or a new one.)
  • Record yourself interviewing a colleague about this topic. (Remember this can be a rough prototype!)
  • Edit the recordings to improve their effectiveness or impact.
  • Add effects, other sounds, or a soundtrack as appropriate.
  • Export the audio and share it with a colleague.


Online Audio

Activity (Time Permitting):

  • If you haven't already, complete the activity for Audacity above.
  • Convert your exported Audio to MP3 using iTunes (see the expert tip on the iTunes page).
  • Upload your MP3 file as an episode on Podomatic.
  • Share your new podcast with a colleague. Add a link to your podcast below:
    • Your Name - Link to your podcast
    • Your Name - Link to your podcast


Proof-of-Concept Projects

  • First, return to and complete any of the above activities that you weren't able to complete earlier in the day.
  • Then, consider which of these tools you might want to use as part of your final Proof-of-Concept project.
  • Use any remaining time for create a quick prototype for your final project.
  • Ideally, each activity you complete throughout the workshop might play a roll in your final project.

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

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