LBUSD Technology Certification - For Classified Employees

This page has added created to support the technology certification process for classified employees at the Laguna Beach Unified School Distirct.

NOTE: The Module 1 through 5 links to the left are for teacher certifications. The links below are for the classified staff. Be sure to use this page as a hub for all materials meant for classified staff.

NOTE: The classified module 1 through 5 links below are currently "blank slates" for creating customized workshop outlines for the classified staff. Please use the archived 2007 modules (for teachers) as a starting point.

Basic Certification (2009):

Classified Skills List - This is a list of skills and concepts that each participant should master.

Classified Module 1 - Internet and Email
Classified Module 2 - Word Processing
Classified Module 3 - Presentations
Classified Module 4 - Spreadsheets
Classified Module 5 - Blogs and The Read/Write Web

Classified Portfolios - Proof-of-Concept Projects

LBUSD Certification Form: Basic - Participants complete this form after completing their training, their portfolio, and their "test out" demonstration.