Module 5 - Blogs and The Read/Write Web

PART 1 - Blogs

It is now just as easy to create and share content online as it is to consume it. Blogs are the essential two-way web technology - and if you can email, you can blog. Create a blog, publish your first post, and learn how to manage comments. This session also includes many models and examples of blogs being used in education at all levels.

Introduction to Blogs and The Read/Write Web

(A complete workshop on a separate wiki.)

Online Evaluation

PART 2 - Portfolios (And More Read/Write Web Services)

In this final session, participants post each of their certification assignments on their blog. A live "test" is also conducted so that each participant has the opportunity to demonstrate his or her new skills prior to being certified. Participants also celebrate by sharing model lessons with each other.

Welcome Activity

Online Portfolios (Using

  • Complete "proof-of-concept" projects from Modules 1-4 (and, optionally, module 5)
  • Post projects to the Certification Blog

Portfolio Sharing

More Read/Write Web Services (Time Permitting)

Final Certification Process

Reflection Activity

Online Evaluation

Additional Resources

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